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Think about it:  You won the human lottery.  You get to be here.  
This website is about discovering and being present to the everyday love stories of your life.

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You arrived right on time.


Hello, dear fellow human. This website is about discovering the love stories that make up your life. Sometimes that means reaching back and giving new and lovely meaning to the old worn-out stories you’ve been carrying around. Sometimes it means asking yourself the right questions for the everyday things going on around you so that you can see them more positively and not miss being present in the moment. 

You should be fantastically fascinated by all the impressive and mighty things that had to happen evolutionarily for you to exist as a human. Divine synchronicity needed to occur for you to have arrived in the world when you did or at all. It took an unimaginable majestic collision of science and soul across all time and space to create the unique and exact You that you are.  

Nothing promised that you would have had this much time here. There are over 31 million seconds in every year, and every day that you get to wake up with your body and soul still connected to this human world is a silent, new miracle.  There is so much extraordinary magic happening inside of you right now.

I hope you will join me.  There’s so much yet to talk about.   

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